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Industrial software and equipment for professionals

  • Software sales to wood and furniture manufacturing companies
  • Training of software users
  • Sale and installation of laser projectors for various industries
  • Consultancy for manufacturing companies
  • Design of stairs as a service
  • Digital 3D-measuring as a service


The Staircon parametric CAD/CAM staircase software offers a range of modules with different functionalities to suit all staircase manufacturers. Our customers range from small workshops that manufacture staircases by hand to fully automated staircase factories.


TopSolid’Wood is a CAD/CAM software package developed specifically for the furniture and woodworking industries, which includes industry-specific functions and procedures to facilitate model design and CNC production preparation.


ARDIS is a modular all-in-one platform designed and built for the sheet, plate and roll cutting industry. The modules are powerful on their own. Better together. ARDIS also offers long-term partnerships for companies looking to improve their material utilization and slab saw performance.


NC-HOPS: CAM system for machining wood, plastic and aluminium. Originally designed as a wood-oriented programming system, it was quickly extended to plastics and aluminium thanks to its wide range of technologies and flexibility.


SL Laser GmbH started out as a laser projector that helped to position specially shaped workpieces in a CNC centre. This has been followed by developments for other industries that needed the help of laser positioning to make their work faster and more accurate.

About us

CAD4Wood brings you the best technological solutions for the woodworking and furniture industry.

Our ambition is to be part of the evolution of your business, providing the best technology for more efficient production, faster service and optimised material costs.
High-quality training and reliable technical support are key to achieving good results.

The company’s customers are B2B partners in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Iceland: staircase manufacturers, house factories, custom furniture manufacturers, sofa manufacturers and other large and small woodworking manufacturers.

The software solutions offered by CAD4Wood are constantly evolving and innovating. In this context, learning is part of our daily life.



whose Staircon stair design and production software is the preferred choice in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

the world’s leading CAD&CAM software developer with more than 30 years of experience, offers unique solutions for the woodworking industry in the form of TopSolid’Wood.


which offers a long term partnership to companies that want to improve their material utilization and tile performance through the intelligent use of ARDIS Optimizer technology.

whose machine-independent CAD/CAM solution NC-Hops increases your productivity and ensures the shortest possible path to finished product.


whose product range includes world-class ProDirector industrial laser projectors that will make your production faster and more accurate.

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